Mayne Lighthouse

Mayne Island

Mayne Island is a 21-square-kilometre (8.1 sq mi) island in the southern Gulf Islands chain of British Columbia. It is situated midway between the Lower Mainland of BC and Vancouver Island, and has a population of 1071. Mount Parke in the south-central heart of the island is its highest peak at 255 meters (837 feet). (source:Wikipedia)

To See

•Our renowned Japanese Garden
•Gift shops, bakeries and bric-a-brac
•Georgina Point Lighthouse
•Shops and facilities at Miners Bay and Fernhill Centre
•Special arts and crafts events happening year round
•Human as well as marine life around the docks

To Experience

•Laid back welcoming lifestyle
•Summer farmers market
•Pubs and restaurants
•Dinner Bay recreational area
•Family fishing charters
•Sea kayaking adventures
•Marine eco-tours
•Stays in resorts and B and B’s
•Most of all ….. our wonderful scenery and summer Mediterranean climate

Showcasing Mayne Island Businesses

Mayne Island Escape...British Columbia's island paradise.