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Galiano Island

The Gem of the Southern Gulf Islands

Experience all the magic of British Columbia's Wild West Coast on the Gulf Island closest to Vancouver. Ancient Forests, Rocky Heights, Sandstone & Pebble Beaches and Stunning Views are all waiting for you to explore on Galiano.

Galiano….the first stop from Vancouver on your Gulf Island adventure, named as one of the New York Times’ 52 best places in the World.

Visit us to tell stories that have not yet been told...

* Festivals….Galiano is amazing at any time of year, whether it is our Galiano Island Literary Festival in the winter, Active Pass Nature & Arts in the Spring, Galiano International Wine Festival in the summer or  Blackberry Festival in the Fall. And of course the Islands-wide “Tour des Iles” connecting us all in the early summer.

* Trails and Hiking, Kayaking and Killer Whales, an undeveloped island where you can enjoy the best of British Columbia’s wild west coast, and you just might have it all to yourself, “up close and personal”…. including amazing killer whales

* Arts in Collaboration: from the Kunamokst Mural to art events throughout the year.

* Japanese Heritage of Galiano…from the recently restored charcoal pit kilns to the remnants of orchards and the old school house with names still recorded

Showcasing Galiano Island Businesses

Galiano Island Winter Tourism